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Build Your Company Website

For startup businesses, a great website can help level the playing field with larger competitors. A professional designer would think of your website as an electronic sales brochure. Figure out what your clients and customers want to know and break the content down into easily navigated Web pages.

Here in Royotech, we help you launch your professional websites. We also kindly request you to read the following tips which makes you understand more about how to build a professional company website (these information is also helpful when you bargain with a website design company):

1. Stick with a dotcom when registering your domain.
If the is taken, look for some additive or derivative that works. (i.e., or A dotnet URL can lose prospects who assume your address ends in dotcom.

2. Remember that your domain is portable.
Your website and your Web host work together like your cell number and your cell phone company. You can switch providers at any time and take your site to any web-hosting company you choose.

3. Windowshop other sites first.Just as you would rip pages out of a home décor magazine when decorating or building a house, you can incorporate elements from sites you love into your dream site.

4. Keep it short and simple.You want as much content as possible to reside above the fold, in newspaper terms, so your readers don’t have to scroll down on every page. Try to limit word count to under 200 words per page.

5. Put a face on your site.
Humanize your company by posting photos and bios of key staff. Consumers like to buy from people they know, and a photo with personal info helps cyberspace feel much more intimate.

6. Ask for feedback.
Ask pleased customers for a short comment to post on your site. Client testimonials or customer reviews can be very powerful.

7. You get what you pay for.
The free online build-your-own-website services provide limited capability. But if you just want a basic site without any customization, and you’re OK with the design caliber, it’s a fine way to get started.

8. Use dynamic title tags.
In the title bar of your browser, each page has its own title. Using the same title on every page reduces their chances of being found by search engines. Give each page a different and relevant title.