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What you need to know?

How can we help you make money with your Web site?
The goal is to convert Web site visitors into customers. And it’s accomplished by showing the right product or service to the right visitor in the most attractive way possible, by encouraging visitors to take action and by measuring the results.

Why cross-browser so important?
Sure, it looks great in Internet Explorer, but…..

Browsers parse code differently. Internet viewers use a variety of browsers. It is a good idea to design a website so the vast majority of viewers can get the full benefit of your site. The best website designs are compatible with the most popular browsers, thus being cross-browser compatible.

If you are designing an Intranet and everyone who accesses it will be using the same browser, you do not need to be concerned with the issue. However, in the case of an Internet website, a variety of browsers are used and cross-browser becomes very important.

cross browsers

Your website is not cross-browser compatible means you are losing your visitors which means you are losing your customers.

State of the art in China: With Internet Explorer dominating the Chinese market, few of Chinese web design companies care about how their designing result looks like in other web browsers.

In Royotech, we attach great importance to cross-browser compatible. All websites designed and developed by Royotech are fully compatible with the following web browsers so that to make sure you won’t miss any of your potential customers.

adobe air chrome firefox ie konqueror maxthon netscape opera safari