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Outsourcing & Training

As a global outsourcing destination, China’s differentiation is notable because of the enormous labor pool of professionals available at low costs. In addition, in certain sectors, such as information technology, China should be evaluated a source for domain expertise. China’s rapid domestic growth is creating outsourcing providers with expert level technology and business domain knowledge.

Solutions Based Outsourcing
We focus on working with clients for whom we can add substantial value. As a software development partner we can leverage our experience in building highly interactive, collaboration platforms that enhance productivity or that provide unique customer support options. Whether you are looking for offshore application development or considering an offshore development center, your project will have an experienced team using their knowledge and expertise in application development to produce the best and most economical outcome.

Superb Onshore Project Management and Communication
Companies that outsource IT to offshore locations quite often have difficulty managing their offshore vendors. The issue may lie in communication challenges that include time zone differences, regulatory and compliance issues, and language and cultural issues. One key to success is having someone in-house who can successfully coordinate with the team, in the middle of the night if required, while having a comprehensive understanding of the “offshore” work culture, and of course the “offshore” language. Most of the Royotech developers have the experience of working out of China, so we are quite confident with our abilities in programming as well as communicating.

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